TCC Answering Services... It’s your call

If you were to hire a live, 24 hour staff to take messages, route calls, set appoints, translate, offer wake up calls or reminders, handle tech support for multi-line conference calls and service personalized mailboxes, you would spend more time and money managing your office than running your business.

At TCC, after two rings, your customers will be speaking with a live operator who can give specific information and route calls wherever they need to go. We are communications experts who can and streamline secretarial services into an integrated, 24 hour office with real people providing quality customer service.

The days of pushing your customers pushing "1" and "2" are over.

What we do..
  • Messaging and Dispatch (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Custom Message Delivery
  • Employee Check-In Services
  • Alpha Numeric Paging
  • Overflow / Off-Premise Receptionist Services
  • Wake Up / Reminder Call Services
  • Personalized Voicemails / Mailboxes
  • Employee Directory Assistance
  • Set Appointments
  • Translation Services - English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese
  • Multi-Line Conferencing
  • Order Taking
  • Class, Seminar and Event Registration